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Aaliah Hartley
Greetings! I'm Aaliah, a Creative Video Producer, Filmmaker, & Photographer. As an Emmy Award Winning Producer, I love the art of visual storytelling. I use my roles in video production, film, & photography, to help people create & elevate stories. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and raised in Miami, Florida, subsequently giving me a unique trajectory growing up undocumented in the United States. Life through this lens has pushed me to aim for social awareness, equality, and truth.

I'm drawn to enlightening, educational, & engaging narratives that typically go untold or needs help shining a light on. Exalted Productions exists to elevate those stories through filmmaking. With a degree in Film Production Studies, I'm Colorado based and have continual plans to travel this vast world and broaden my horizons. I'm equally passionate about  food, music, & films! Let's elevate your story!
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Exalted Productions / Denver, CO  /  Tel. 720-233-6489

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